Blaubrite Dermamill 100 Digital Control Panel


Blaubrite Dermamill 100 Digital Control Panel


The Blaubrite Dermamill 100 Digital Control Panel produces extremely smooth and fine ointments that will increase take-up of the active ingredient on the skin, and maximize the benefit to the patient. Ointment is collected with our carefully designed scraper mechanism which locks onto the rollers and ensures maximum efficiency when collecting the product. Product fineness can be reduced to 20µm (20 microns), and lower sizes are possible with more passes through the mill. Particles are not crushed but are sheared by the differential speeds of the rollers. The ointment passes through both gaps and receives shearing forces, resulting in particle size reduction, particle dispersal, and homogenization. Crystalline particles, and particle nests are exposed to the shearing forces of the rollers and reduced and dispersed throughout the carrier. The operator can control the 2 gap sizes manually. When milling very thick/viscous substances, or substances with large particles, or high particle/carrier ratio, the operator can increase the rear gap to give a 'pre-mill' (which will give an initial particle dispersal and homogenization), and then tighten the front gap to give extra product fineness.

- Individually removable rollers with instant release mechanism
- Three ceramic rollers included
- Digital control panel with start/stop, speed control, clear-jam reverse and timer
- 20 variable roller speeds
- Gap Control & Emergency Stop
- Plastic hopper and roller guides included
- Adjustable scraper system to collect ointment from the rollers (removable for cleaning)
- Super quiet operation
- (12.6''W x 7.5''D x 9.0''H)

Also included is the Scraper Plate: made of hard plastic and scrapes the compound off the front roller once it has completed its pass through the mill. The scraper has been designed for maximum efficiency when collecting the ointment from the rollers. It is controlled by a lever which locks the hardened plastic scraper blade onto the front roller.

Lightly Used. Not in original packaging. Includes operator manual, quick start guide, and power cord.

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