Stryker System 7 3-Hand piece


Stryker System 7 3-Hand piece For sale


Sagittal saw is significantly quieter than previous generations Stryker SmartLiFE Li-Ion batteries with exclusive ACP Technology provide a longer, more reliable battery life (small battery runs 220% longer, large battery run 183% longer), increasing efficiency in the O.R. An innovative rotary handpiece offering substantially increased torque, providing optimum performance with an improved power-to-weight ratio (29% reduction in overall system weight) Integrated SORN Remote Device Management enables the transfer of device usage data to Stryker support teams to help monitor and recommend ongoing maintenance – reducing down time in the O.R. Sealed sterilization containers minimize processing time and reduce the use of blue wrap creating a more sustainable solution Design enhancements make it lighter, more powerful and easier to use 3 year warranty.

- batteries
1X - Stryker Ref: 7102-454-040 System 7 3-HP Sterilization Case with Insert Tray   
1X - Stryker Ref: 7208-000-000 System 7 Sagittal Saw   
1X - Stryker Ref: 7203-000-000 System 7 Single trigger rotary   
1X - Stryker Ref: 7206-000-000 System 7 Reciprocating Saw   
1X - Stryker Ref: 7203-136-000 System 7 Single Trigger Pin Collet (2.0-3.2mm)  
1X - Stryker Ref: 6203-160-000 Trinkle Adapter                  
1X - Stryker Ref: 6203-110-000 AO Small Drill Quick Connect    
1X - Stryker Ref: 6203-210-000 Large A/O Adapter                    
2X - Stryker Ref: 6203-131-000 1/4” Stryker Adj. Keyed Chuck    
1X - Stryker Ref: 6203-113-000 Hudson Adapter                   
1X - Stryker Ref: 6203-135-000 Hudson Modified Trinkle                   
3X - Stryker Ref: 7215-000-000 System 7 SmartLiFE Large Battery

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