Angio Dynamics VenaCure 1470 Laser


Angio Dynamics VenaCure 1470 Laser w/ Irrigation&Infiltration Pump


The Angio Dynamics VenaCure 1470 Laser is a water-specific laser, targeting water as the  chromophore to absorb the laser energy. Since the vein structure is mostly  water, it is theorized that the 1470 nm laser wavelength is able to efficiently heat the vein endothelial cells with little  chance of collateral damage, resulting in an optimal vein ablation.   
The VenaCure 1470 nm laser is designed to work exclusively with AngioDynamics NeverTouch fibers;
maximizing these two technologies may result in even better patient outcomes. The 1470 nm laser allows effective vein ablation with the targeted energy of 30-50 joules/cm at a setting of 5-7 watts.

The VenaCure 1470 nm laser has the best features of the
Delta laser platform, including:
- Quality craftsmanship and high performance design
- Intuitive controls and interconnects for ease of use
- The Fiber Recognition System (FRS) which programs the  laser for the specific fiber type being used, allowing for  fewer steps and shorter procedure time

Combined with a whole new look and the innovation of the 1470 nm wavelength, the VenaCure 1470 nm laser helps
physicians treat more patients with ease.

Fiber Recognition System (FRS):
- Faster procedure set-up with preset parameters
- Immediate recognition of procedure presets
- Protective door helps prevent dust particles from damaging laser or fiber
- Industry-leading 3-year standard warranty ensures every laser will receive top-notch service
- Internal sensors constantly monitor wattage ensuring a constant energy output
- More than 20 safety features at and above standard

Easy to Use:
- Intuitive user interface with fewer buttons
- Programmable sound pulses allows for audible tracking of pull-back rate which increases repeatability of treatment
- Aiming beam with variable modes and brightness increases visibility  in patient
- Real-time on-screen display of treatment energy

Lightweight, Compact and Portable :
- Easily transported between hospital and office

MultiMedia Card (MMC):
- Stores data for at least 100 treatments
- Automated tracking of procedure and fiber records Available
- USB-MMC (SD memory card) card reader/writer enables easy data transfer to PC

- Laser Type: Diode laser, CW, class IV
- Centre
- Wavelength: 1470 nm
- Maximum Power: 12 W to the laser output port
- Aiming Beam: Red Class IIIa diode laser, =5 mW at port, wavelength  635– 655 nm
- Pulse Interval: 100 ms –1000 ms
- Power Supply: 100–240 V AC,50–60 Hz, 500 VA max
- Dimensions(H x W x D): 150 mm x 370 mm x 325 mm (± 5 mm)
- Weight: 12 kg max

- Uses lower power output compared with other lasers to achieve effective vein closure
- System includes a choice of procedure kits, procedure accessories, and a tumescent delivery system
- Uses NeverTouch gold-tip fiber technology

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