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The optovue RTVue XR Scanner is the benchmark for eye care practitioners seeking unmatched OCT performance and value – with capabilities you would expect to cost far more.

At first glance, the iVue® OCT system may strike you as a simplified OCT. Lightweight and modular, you can position it wherever suits your needs.

As for operational ease, from the moment you turn the system on, its familiar slit-lamp-style design makes scanning a breeze. But when you begin looking deeper, at the resulting diagnostic screens, you get a  different picture—the big picture.

OPTOVUE iVue OCT Retinal Camera reliable diagnosis and progression analysis of the retina and glaucoma for a very reasonable price.

- Fourier-Domain Optical Coherence Technology
- High Resolution Retinal Imaging
- Real-Time Eye Tracking
- Vitroretina Imaging
- Deep Choroid Imaging (DCI)

RTVue Scanner:
- OCT Image: 26,000 A-scan/second
- Frame Rate: 256 to 4096 A-scan/Frame
- Depth Resolution (in tissue) : 5.0µm
- Transverse Resolution: 15µm
- Scan Range: Depth: 2- 2.3mm Transverse: 2mm to 12mm
- Scan Beam Wavelength: ?=840±10nm
- Exposure Power at pupil: 750µW

Fundus Imager:
- FOV: 32° (H) x 23° (V)
- Minimum Pupil diameter: 3.0 mm
- Illumination: Near IR

Patient Interface:
- Working Distance: 22mm
- Motorized Focus Range: -15D to +12D

Computer Unit:
- CPU: 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Processor
- RAM: 4GB

Foot print:
1010mm(W) x 520mm(D)

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