MyLab 40 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine


2012 MyLab 40 Veterinarian Ultrasound machine with LA523 and CA123 probes. For sale


the MyLab 40 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine offers a wide range of application packages and can be personalized to every user’s specific needs.

The Cardiology, Vascular and General Imaging modules are standard with the system, while the MyLab™40 VET can be further configured to include modules for Reproductive and Contrast Imaging among others. Specific Cardiology features are also available, such as Compass M-Mode and real-time Tissue Velocity Mapping.

Versatile Technology:
The multiple standard (for example TEI™, Tissue Enhanced Imaging) and optional features make the MyLab™40 VET a highly flexible system that offers every user the highest quality image for their particular specialization.

Color, CW And PW Doppler Imaging:
The MyLab40 VET’s high sensitivity color and CW and PW Doppler images are displayed on its 19" LCD monitor, increasing user comfort and reducing eyestrain.

From the very beginning of Information Technology diffusion in the medical environment, Esaote has been recognized as a world leader in managing/sharing clinical data, providing a solid contribution to the revolution that is bringing the medical world to an unexpected level of efficiency.
- MyLab™Desk3
-  Privacy HIPAA
- DCS - MyLab™40VET - release 11.01, 11.10 - version 6.3

Interface & Monitor:
- One Touch Workflow
- 19" High-Performance LCD
- Modular Architecture
- VPan-eXtended Field Of View

Clinical Images:
- MyLab 40 Vet - Canine: abdominal aorta, renal artery
- MyLab 40 Vet - Feline: abnormal amniotic sac and placental abruption
- MyLab 40 Vet - Avian: fully formed egg

- All Inclusive Platform
- Extensive Dedicated Veterinary Software: Vet Patient ID, Vet Body Marks, Vet Measurements And Calculations
- Application-Dedicated Probes With eXtended Multi-Frequency Broadband Capability
- Specific Cardiogy Features Are Also Available, Such As Compass M-Mode And Real-Time Tissue Velocity Mapping
- It Is Possible To Configure The MyLab™40 VET To Use Esaote-Pie Medical’s CnTI (Contrast Tune Imaging) Module And CnTI™-Compatible Probes
- Integrated DVD/CD Writer And 2 USB Ports For Transferring Clinical Data
- DICOM Compliance, Including Dedicated Veterinary Attributes

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