Ecoray Veterinary X-Ray System


Ecoray Veterinary X-Ray System 9020Hf Equine


Ecoray Veterinary X-Ray System are designed to meet the most challenging equine imaging applications. Whether your focus is on the pastern, fetlock, stifle, lungs, abdomen, neck or spine, we have a generator that will meet your applications.
- High frequency inverter technology
- Durable design with reliable radiation output
- Fully compatible with all Digital Radiography systems
- One-handed collimator control (9020) models
- Fully wireless and A/C powered models

Power with quality (80kV/16mA, 90kV/20mA output):
- Solid body with light weight.
- One hand collimator Control.
- Durable design with reliable radiation output.

Powerful & Stable output from unique features for user conveniences.

ECORAY’s high frequency inverter technology is heading to more premiums, durable and comfortable imaging solution.
- Portable X-ray generators can be used in medical and/or veterinary purposes.
- It is light, compact and powerful that you easily carry from one place to another.

Generator Type: High Frequency Inverter:
- HV Generator – Max. Output Powe: 1.35kW (90kV@15mA)
- X-ray Tube – Focal Spot: 1.2 X 1.2mm
- Input Power: 110~120V / 60Hz 220~230kV / 50Hz
- X-ray field Size Min: 30cm X 30cm at 66 cm SID
- Lamp: 12V 50W, Halogen Lamp
- Dual Laser: Dual laser spot to 66cm target away
- Display: 7 segment LED X2 or 3 digits of kV, mAs Ready, X-ray, Wait, Error LED

Operation Switch:
- kV & mAs Up-Down
- Dual Lase & Lamp ON/OFF
- Display Reverse
- APR Memory Storage
- 8 Memory (Extendable 16 Memory)(9020BT is 7 Memory Extendable 12 Memory)
- Weight : approx 6.9 Kg
- Focal spot : 0.8mm
- Stationary Anode
- kV Range: 40-90kV (1kV step)
- mAs Range: 0.32 - 30mAs
- SID scale length :Built-in with DUAL laser beam
- Max. Output: 1.35 Kw @ 80Kv

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