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The Cosmed Fitmate Pro Vo2 Max Resting Metabolic was designed to break the mould of traditional Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing and proposes a new approach for the measurement of Oxygen consumption in both clinical and athletic exercise testing. Cosmed Fitmate Pro Vo2 Max is a one of a range of desktop devices with battery charging, a large LCD screen and inbuilt printer that allows testing without a computer or mains power lead. Fitmate PRO manages test results and stores all information inside its internal memory, ready for upload to PC software (included).

Cosmed Fitmate Pro Vo2 Max Resting Metabolic, calculates sub-max VO2, measures Resting Metabolic Rate and provides additional features like the calculation of heart rate Training Zones (using the client’s unique relationship between oxygen consumption and HR), weight management programming and a complete Fitness Assessment programme based on American College of Sports Medicine guidelines.

- VO2max, sub-max VO2 and Anaerobic Threshold (AT)
- Nutritional assessment (REE, RMR)
- Fitness assessment and risk analysis
- Body composition & comprehensive weight management
- Colour LCD display and embedded high speed thermal printer
- Software for data management, exercise prescription and HR-VO2 training zones
- Accurate, affordable and easy to use

Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing:
Cardio Respiratory Fitness (VO2max) and Anaerobic Threshold (AT) HR interface w/ external ECG (TTL) VO2/HR Training Zones (based on AT) Energy expenditure during exercise

Nutritional Assessment:
Resting Energy Expenditure (REE, RMR) with face mask/mouthpiece/canopy (optional) Weight Management Program (Energy Balance)
Physical Activity Monitoring (integration with accelerometer)(optional) Diet Software w/ Weekly Meal Planner

Other Measurements:
Muscular endurance/strength, flexibility, goals Exercise Prescription based on ACSM database
Body Composition (skin-fold) Standard Measurements (blood pressure, WHR, resting heart rate, BMI..) Cardiovascular Risk Analysis (Framingham Index)

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