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Stryker System 7 Set design features were engineered based upon feedback from those in the healthcare industry who are directly affected by the performance of their heavy duty power tools. The enhanced design, paired with extensive quality and performance testing, ensures that these specialized power tools offer the most innovative, highest performing system backed by best-in-class service from Stryker.

- Design enhancements make it lighter, safer, and easier to use.
- Handpiece has passed the Stryker 100-Point Quality Check Inspection, which helps ensure maximum reliability.
- System performs 100 safety checks per second when in use to help ensure reliability.

- Improved power-to-weight ratio results in balanced speed, weight, and torque.

Improved Ergonomics:
- 29% reduction in overall system weight.
- Redesigned pin collets that decrease reach by 25%.
- Re-engineered sagittal saw blade mount offers significant noise reduction.

Ease of Use:
- Improved sagittal head design offers simple, secure blade loading.
- System designed and validated for automated washing.

- Backwards compatibility with legacy batteries, attachments, and cutting accessories helps reduce inventory and replacement costs.

Handpiece Microprocessor:
- Actively monitors both handpiece and battery to help ensure optimal performance.
- Collects and analyzes usage data to enable SORN Remote Device Management.

- Stryker 7205 System 7 Dual Trigger Rotary
- Stryker 7206 System 7 Recip Saw
- Stryker 7208 System 7 Sagittal Saw
- Stryker 7203-126 System 7 Pin Collet
- Stryker 6203-110 AO Small Drill
- Stryker 6203-113 Hudson Attachment
- Stryker 6203-131 1/4" Keyed Chuck
- Stryker 6203-135 Hudson Modified Trinkle Attachment
- Stryker 6203-170 Triathlon Attachment

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