Synthes Small Battery Drive


Synthes Small Battery Drive With Universal Battery Charger


The Small Battery Drive II consists of a handpiece, one or several battery casings and batteries and a range of
attachments and accessories designed for the system. For the system to operate properly, only Synthes cutting tools
should be used.
Special auxiliaries such as cleaning brushes and Synthes oil
are available for cleaning and servicing the system. No oils from other manufacturers must be used. Only Synthes oil
(519.97) must be used.
Lubricants with other compositions can cause jamming, can have a toxic effect or can have a negative impact on the
sterilization results. Only lubricate the power tool and the attachments when clean.
Synthes recommends the use of a case specifically designed for the Synthes Small Battery Drive II and the specifically
designed Washing Basket (68.001.610) to sterilize and store the system.

The following components are essential to ensure proper operation:

–  Handpiece (532.110)
–  Insertion Shield (532.104)
–  Universal Battery Charger II (05.001.204)
–  At least one attachment of the system

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