Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field HFA3


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The Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field HFA3 Model 860 provides a streamlined and faster workflow with an array of remarkable new features designed to:
• Reduce setup time with a single trial lens.
• Using liquid pressure, the new Liquid Trial Lens™, instantly delivers each patient's refractive correction, with the touch of a button.*
• Save time with an intuitive new SmartTouch™ interface that helps to shorten chair time.
• Accelerate clinic flow with equipment that can be learned quickly and operated easily.
• Improve confidence in visual field test results with RelEYE™. Instantly review the patient's eye position, at any stimulus point.
Gain peace of mind with seamless transferability of legacy data from the HFA II and HFA II-i to HFA3. Easy to use kinetic graphical user interface with full 180° visual field testing range.

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