GE LOGIQ E portable ultrasound


Used GE LOGIQ E portable ultrasound with 4C-RS OB transducer


The GE LOGIQ E portable ultrasound is a leader in state-of-the art innovation. The machine itself is 10 lbs, but its small size does not diminish its functionality and capability.

The GE Logiq e portable is the portable version of the GE Logiq series and is an excellent choice for general radiology. The GE LOGIQ E portable ultrasound is the upgrade to the older Logibook system and features a larger display and more powerful hardware

 With the Logiq e you can reach your patients anytime, anywhere with little or no restriction making it perfect for anesthesiology, breast imaging, emergency medicine, and vascular imaging. The Logiq e will allow you to create clear, real-time images at the point of care.

Features include:
- Applications: Abdominal, OB/GYN, Musculoskeletal, Vascular
- Doppler Types: Power, PW-HPRF, Color M-Mode
- 15” High-Resolution Monitor
- Auto Optimization
- Triplex
- Wideband Multi-Frequency Transducers
- 20-Degree Color Steering
- Variable Zoom Capability
- Auto Calculations
- Three Programmable Print Keys
- Flexible Annotation
- USB QuickSave,
- Virtual Convex
- 80 GB HDD,
- 70 GB Image Storage (40 GB Hard Drive, 30 GB Image Storage)
- 325 Frames (15 Sec.)
- 64 MB Standard Cine Memory
- 2.49” (Console Only), 3.12” (With Handle) X 13.88” X 11.71” (Console Only), 13.35” (With Handle), 10.1 Lbs.
- 4C-RS probe

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