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The PHILIPS iE33 ULTRASOUND SYSTEM is a premium level cardiovascular ultrasound machine that was launched in 2004 and has been revised and improved over the past decade. In 2010 Philips launched the iE33 xMatrix, a major update that supported the brand new xMatrix transducers with thousands of elements each and capable not only of extraordinary image quality, but also viewing images in 2 planes in real time as well as 4D without the need for a mechanical probe.

The PHILIPS iE33 ULTRASOUND SYSTEM also has the powerful QLAB quantification package and a host of other cardiovascular specific software enhancements that speed and add diagnostic confidence to standard cardiac and vascular exams. The Epiq 7 has replaced the iE33, but as it has over a decade of being the cardiovascular gold standard it remains one of the most popular ultrasound machines in demand. Those looking for similar power and features at the premium level who focus on OB/GYN or radiology should consider instead the Philips iU22 which looks identical to the iE33 except for one touchscreen while the iE33 has two.

The PHILIPS iE33 ULTRASOUND SYSTEM combines exciting new technologies and superb imaging performance on a user centric ergonomically-designed cart. The iE33 is a revolutionary 3D quantities echocardiography system. Adult Echo and Vascular Clinical Options, Live 3D/Live xPlane, CPA, 3D CPA, XRES, xStream and iScan

This is an ultrasound machine that makes use of Matrix technology to boost clinical performance. It contains information management tools to address the needs of patients with problems such as heart failure, congenital heart disease, and valvular disease.

Live 3D:
- xMATRIX cardiac transducer with 3000 elements
- Automated Stress Echo
- Premium Image Quality
- Full Doppler functions
- Live 3D TEE
- 20-inch high resolution articulating flat panel display
- Fully articulating control panel
- Live Xplane multiplane imaging
- SonoCT Compound Imaging
- Tissue Harmonics and Tissue Harmonic SonoCT
- iSCAN one-touch optimization
- iFOCUS one-button focal zone optimization
- iOPTIMIZE one-button optimization multifunction auto image optimization

Integrated CD/DVD burner
- Export to AVI and JPG
- DICOM 3.0
- USB port for import/export of images
- On-Board workstation data management
- 8-speaker high-fidelity stereo audio
- Panoramic Imaging
- Channels scalable up to 57,000 channels
- Multiple triplex mode operation
- High Resolution interactive color touch panel with ambiance adjustments
- Pull-out alphanumeric keyboard
- 2D/M-Mode

- Color Power Angio
- CW/PW/Color Doppler
- Duplex CW Doppler
- Cine Loop
- User-Defined presets and calculations

Applications & Usage
- Clear views of cardiac anatomy for the most accurate EF calculations
- Live 3D volumes provide high frame rate and high image quality
- More clinical information available in one view with Live #D and other tools
- Utilizes the next generation of SmartExam for echo studies
- Auto Doppler helps with image and sample volume placement

Advanced Feature Details
- Choose 2D, 3D or a combination without disrupting workflow
- Highly ergonomic X5-1 transducer
- PureWave Transducer Technology allows for imaging for a wind range of patients
- Provides fewer artifacts, better penetration than conventional transducer technology
- Advanced XRES completed 350 million calculations per frame
- Adaptive Broadband flow automatically adapts the frequency to ROI to enhance spatial resolution
- Access data from PACS on the iE33
- Simple way to compare past and current studies without the use of a reading station

Speed Up Echo Lab Workflow
- Add 3D into any exam at any time
- Gather more accurate LV volume measurements
- Calibrated measurements on the Live 3D volume or MPR views without a quantification program
- Image whole heart in 3D and real time in one cardiac cycle
- iCrop easily focuses on structures within a volume
- Live Full Volume mode offers functionality to capture a whole left ventricle and eliminate foreshortening
- Visualize subtlve valve leaflets in 3D and 2D
- Utilize 3DQ Advanced to generate a full 3D endocardial border

Additional Workflow Tools
- Improved 2D EF calculations with LivexPlane
- Obtain realtime images of the entire hear using Live Full Volume
- Zoom in on one volume region of interest with iCrop
- Utilize semi-automaticed, on cart and off cart analysis with 3DQ Advanced
- Cardiac Motion Quantification (CMQ) allows for assessment of global and regional cardiac function

Stress Echo Exam Capabilities
- Q-station software allows for easy viewing, quantifying and reporting on any PC
- Easy integration of stress echo and ECG ST elevation maps into a single report
- X5-1 transducer provides high image quality in both 2D and 3D modes
- iRotate Stress allows for completion of the entire stress echo protocol without rotating the transducer
- Cardiac Motion Quantification (CMQ-Stress) allows for quantifying 2D stress echo settings
- iSlice allows for “slicing” of views to find the best content
- Pre-loaded 2D/3D Stress protocol

Pediatric Echocardiography
- Complete transeophageal echo on patients less than 3.5 kg
- Perform TDI strain analysis on smaller patients
- Live 3D zoom and 3D color allows for easy access to assess flow defects
- Live xPlane allows users to pull two simultaneous orthogonal views without rotating the transducer

Remote Service Tools
- Remote desktop allows Philips service engineer to get a live view of your system’s console for real-time troubleshooting and faster issue resolution
- iSSL Technology meets global privacy standards and provides a safe and secure connection when connecting to Philips remote services
- Place a technical issues request directly with Philips without interrupting workflow
- Proactive support from Philips helps users detect issues before can impact performance.

MFG: 2005
- Cardiac
- Vascular

- 2DQ
- 3DQ Advanced
- 3DQ Basic Measurement/Quantification
- Acquisition Protocol (Stress Echo)
- Netlink DICOM 3.0
- Live 3D
- ROI Tools
- Strain Q
- Tissue Doppler Imaging
- iCommand
- Language Option: English
- Clinical Option: Cardiac & Vascular

- Mitsubishi MD3000 VCR

- X3-1 3D/4D xMatrix Array
- S5-1 Sector Array
- L8-4 Linear Array

- L8-4 Linear
- L9-3 Linear
- L12-5 Linear
- L15-7io Compact Linear
- C5-2 Convex
- C9-4 Convex

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