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The Ge Logiq E9 Ultrasound Machine with XDclear is a powerful and versatile general imaging system that helps meet a wide variety of general imaging needs. With its intuitive, advanced capabilities, the LOGIQ E9 with XDclear allows you to make every day extraordinary

The Ge Logiq E9 Ultrasound Machine is a premium shared service ultrasound machine capable of top-of-the-line women’s health and 4D imaging along with clear imaging for radiology, cardiac, and vascular applications. GE’s breakthrough technology with the Logiq E9 is XDclear, an imaging technology that uses advanced transducers with a single crystal, acoustic amplification, and cooling technology to improve image quality, especially at deeper penetration when image quality typically fades. For even higher imaging quality, consider a GE Logiq E9 with XDclear 2.0, which is GE’s full-featured system for general-purpose diagnostic ultrasounds. The GE healthcare Logiq E9 is suitable for a multi-application clinic.

- Tissue Harmonics
- CrossXBeam
- Auto-IMT (Intima Media Thickness)
- Contrast Enhanced deep abdominal and superficial contrast imaging w/Amplitude Modulation
- Elastography
- 2D/3D Vascular Quantification
- TVI Tissue Velocity Imaging
- TVD Tissue Velocity Doppler
- Q-Analysis
- Multiplanar imaging (view any plane individually or simultaneously with other planes)
- TUI Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (View volume data in multiple slices, like MRI and CT)
- VOCAL Volume Calculation

Functional Details:
Volume Naviagtion includes Fusion Imaging, GPS, and Needle Tracking Fusion: Merges real-time ultrasound with CT, MRI, PET, or ultrasound images
GPS tracking allows you to visually track your position from different vies, guide biopsies, and simplify the counting of masses, lesions and modules.
Needle Tracking increases accuracy for needle guided procedures using a reusable sensor that displays the position of the needle tip.
Virtual Tracker. Shows a virtual projection of the needle path using a sensor on the needle hub
Ergonomic Transducers
Imaging Details Access unseen image uniformity from the near to far field
Organ-specific imaging for improved visibility with bigh-definitely contrast resolution Acoustic Amplifier Technology results in higher sensitivity Single Crystal Technology increases bandwidth, offering better signal to noise and improved axial resolution and penetration Matrix Array Technology for more uniform resolution throughout the field of view Volume Hybrid Technology for superior spatial and temporal resolution Advanced Volume Navigation tools helps increase diagnostic confidence
Scan Assistant program enables auto steering of color Doppler and image setting controls for fewer keystrokes and improved patient care

System Design:
Motorized adjustable height makes it easy to create a custom set up for any user
On average, the system is 20% smaller and 45  kgs lighter than comparable ultrasound systems
User-friendly keyboard clusters 95% of the most-used keys around the trackball
Customizable touchscreen panel enables you to custom set system specifications
E-Series transducers designed with lighter materials, improved ridges for easier handling and flexible, lightweight cables
Motor-controlled height adjustment of keyboard Deep penetration ability, even on larger patients

Include Probe:
Vascular 9L-D, ML16-15-D, L8-18i-D

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