GE Vivid I Ultrasound portable Machine


GE Vivid I Ultrasound portable Machine with cart and 2 Probes


The GE Vivid i Portable Ultrasound Machine is a cardiovascular system that can be upgraded to radiology. This Used Vivid-i Ultrasound is equipped with M-Mode, Pulse Wave and continuous wave Doppler. This GE Portable Ultrasound offers you everything you’d expect in a larger, console box in a single, portable unit. The Vivid-i provides real-time diagnostic results in any clinical environment. Experience the lightweight mobility of higher-end GE Ultrasound Systems in a convenient portable design.

The GE Vivid I Ultrasound portable Machine is a mid-range portable ultrasound machine primarily designed for cardiovascular applications. The GE Vivid I Ultrasound portable leverages many of the same imaging technologies as other GE ultrasounds, but it also offers powerful cardiac imaging features, including both adult and pediatric TEE probes, which are not usually available on systems at this price point.

TheGE Vivid I Ultrasound portable Machine is GE’s most popular portable cardiovascular ultrasound system. Weighing in at only 11 pounds, it makes it one of the lightest cardiovascular ultrasound systems on the market today. The VIVID i is loaded with cardiovascular features such as stress echo, IMT calculations, LVO contrast, CW Doppler, Auto EF, Speckle Reduction, TSI, Tissue Velocity Imaging, and much more. Additional performance features such as speckle reduction help reduce any type of artifact during the exam.

- Cardiac
- Vascular
- Abdominal
- Small parts
- Emergency

Imaging Modes:
- B-Mode
- M-Mode
- Color Doppler
- Power Doppler
- PW Doppler
- CW Doppler
- Tissue Doppler Imaging
- ColorM-Mode
- Anatomic M-mode

- 15? color LCD screen
- 1 probe port
- ECG Module
- 512 Channel Imaging
- Auto CFM Optimization
- TruAccess [ raw data processing ]
- Auto Tissue Optimization
- Auto Spectrum Optimization
- Tissue Doppler
- MPEG View
- 40GB HD

- Vascular Package
- Performance Package
- TVI & TT
- SmartStress
- LVO Contrast
- i2
- Stress Echo

Probes / Transducers:
- 12L-RS Linear Probe
- 8C-RS MicroConvex Pediatric/Veterinary Probe
- 4C-RS Convex Probe
- 3S-RS Cardiac Sector Probe
- 5S-RS Cardiac Sector Probe
- 6S-RS Cardiac sector Probe
- 7S-RS Cardiac Sector Probe
- 10S-RS Cardiac Sector Probe
- 8L-RS Linear Probe
- i12L-RS Intraoperative Linear Probe
- AcuNav 10F IntraCardiac Probe
- 6T-RS TEE Probe
- 6Tc-RS TEE Probe
- 9T-RS TEE Probe
- P2D-RS Non-Imaging Pencil Probe
- P6D-RS Non-Imaging Pencil Probe

-Ultrasound machine GE Vivid I
-Linear probe 12L-RS
-Cardiac probe 3S

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